Phoenix Ostomy Support System Custom Size (HCPCS: A4396)

The Pouch Support is a patented ostomy appliance belt for concealing and supporting an ostomy pouch, as well as providing peristomal hernia support. The pocket forming elastic panel is designed to support an ostomy collection pouch in a secure, horizontal position on the wearer's abdomen without interfering with the function of the ostomy appliance. The sturdy reinforcements surrounding the belt's stomal opening are designed to support peristomal hernias. The collection pouch is held completely covered while allowing for expansion of the pouch. The support permits the wearer to engage in everyday activities with complete confidence and comfort. The pouch remains readily accessible for removal and cleaning with minimum adjustment and without removal of the belt itself. Please allow 7 to 10 days for tailoring and shipping.
Phoenix Ostomy Support System Custom Size  (HCPCS: A4396)
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  • Item #: PS1000Custom
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